5 Surprising Players Who Beat Cloud Smash: A Guide for Competitive Gamers [Keyword]

5 Surprising Players Who Beat Cloud Smash: A Guide for Competitive Gamers [Keyword]

What is who beats cloud smash?

Who beats cloud smash is a frequently asked question among Super Smash Bros. players. Cloud, a character in the game, can be quite challenging to defeat. However, several other characters have moves and abilities that can counteract Cloud’s strengths.

Here are two important things to know about who beats cloud smash:

1. Characters with projectiles or range attacks typically have an advantage over Cloud.
2. The Fire Emblem characters – Marth, Lucina, Roy, and Ike- are considered some of the best counters to Cloud due to their speed and swordplay techniques.

Overall, while defeating Cloud in Super Smash Bros. may seem difficult at first glance, counterpicking with certain characters can help you secure the win against this powerful fighter.

Step-by-Step Guide to Beating Cloud Smash: Tips and Tricks

Cloud Smash, the quintessential fighting game for Nintendo enthusiasts, requires a certain level of skill and strategy to get ahead. The game features a wide range of characters with unique moves and abilities that can be manipulated to defeat opponents.

If you are looking to master the Cloud character, then this guide is for you. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you dominate in Cloud Smash:

1. Know Your Character

Before playing any video game character, it’s important to understand their strengths and weaknesses. In the case of Cloud, he has powerful hits and aerial attacks but lacks in speed compared to other fighters. His Limit Break special move can also give him an edge in battle.

2. Practice Combos

To execute impressive moves with Cloud, understanding basic combos is essential. Speedrunners suggest using Down-Tilt followed by Jab or Up-Aerial Attack on heavier opponents.

3. Master Recovery Techniques

Since Cloud has limited recovery options, mastering these techniques will help you avoid falling off the stage quickly. Use his Up-Special move near ledges or platforms when knocked off and then counterattack your opponent with an Aerial attack immediately after regaining control.

4. Get Familiar With Battlefield Platforms

As you know most levels have different platforms where your character can sometimes be vulnerable; hence learn how they work on each platform so that if you knock somebody overboard from one platform – knowing where s/he might land next could be the difference between winning the match or losing it.

5. Maintain A Safe Distance From Opponents

While there are times when being up close and personal with your opponent may seem like a good tactic, it is essential to maintain a safe distance from them while playing as Cloud because his speed may not allow him to dodge quick enough against faster fighters.

6. Utilize Limit Break Effectively

The Limit Break allows players who use Cloud’s special move meter fully charged by taking damage or dealing damage to enhance his cloud smash attack; regenerating Stamina and boosting his damage percentage. Use this move at critical moments like when your opponents’ health is low, or you need a Hail Mary.

In conclusion, mastering Cloud Smash takes practice and strategy. By using these tips and tricks along with experience, you’ll be able to master the character’s abilities well enough to dominate any match thrown at you!

Frequently Asked Questions about Beating Cloud Smash

With the rise in popularity of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, many gamers have turned their sights towards beating Cloud, one of the game’s most powerful and popular characters. This enigmatic warrior from Final Fantasy VII has quickly become a fan favorite, known for his fast movements, powerful attacks and unmatched aerial skills.

But taking down Cloud is no easy feat. He can move across the stage lightning fast and pack a mean punch with his sword slashes, making him an intimidating opponent to face off against. As such, we’ve compiled some frequently asked questions to help you beat Cloud smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Q: What makes Cloud so difficult to beat?
A: Cloud’s strength lies in his speed and power. He can easily close gaps between himself and opponents with his quick dash attack or glide across platforms seamlessly. When he connects with an attack like Cross Slash or Blade Beam, it can deal major damage and launch foes offstage rapidly.

Q: What are some of Cloud’s weaknesses?
A: Although he may be incredibly speedy on the ground and air, Cloud is susceptible to combo attacks when caught by grounded moves like Fox’s up-tilt or Joker’s down-throw -> forward-air combo. Additionally, he struggles against characters with disjointed hitboxes like swords due to their range advantage over his own blade.

Q: Which characters should I use against Cloud?
A: The best fighters to combat this character include Kirby (who has a similar ability called Gale Strike), Donkey Kong (whose special up-B move can be followed up by several aerials), and Pikachu (who excels at punishing aggressive playstyles). Other strong choices include Ike (as mentioned previously), Lucario (due to Aura Sphere covering good space) who both hit hard while having solid ranged options as well.

Q: What are some common mistakes players make when fighting against cloud?
A: One of the biggest mistakes players make is getting too close to Cloud when they should be spacing their attacks. This allows Cloud to hit them with his powerful sword slashes or execute a quick punish in response. Additionally, some inexperienced players may try to air-dodge away from his attacks and end up getting caught by aerial moves such as Cloud’s down-air or forward-air.

Q: What kind of stage is best to fight against Cloud?
A: Cloud excels on stages that facilitate constant movement, like battlefield forms or large platforms on Final Destination. For this reason, choosing smaller stages can help negate his speed advantage and give you a better chance at punishing mistakes.

In conclusion, while beating Cloud may seem like an insurmountable task, there are ways to take him down with the right strategy, characters and mindset. Keep these tips in mind the next time you face off against him, and remember – practice makes perfect!

The Top 5 Characters who can Beat Cloud in Super Smash Bros.

As one of the most iconic characters in Super Smash Bros, Cloud Strife has been a fan favorite for years. With his incredible speed, range, and power, he’s certainly not an easy opponent to take down. But what if we told you there were some characters out there who could give him a run for his money?

Here are the top 5 characters who can beat Cloud in Super Smash Bros:

1. Bayonetta

Bayonetta is a force to be reckoned with in Smash Bros. Not only does she have impressive close-range attacks, but her combo potential is virtually infinite. She can also slow down time and dodge incoming attacks with ease thanks to her Witch Time ability.

This makes her a formidable opponent against Cloud – while he may have range on his side, Bayonetta’s agility and speed make it easy for her to close the gap and unleash devastating combos that put him on the defensive.

2. Zero Suit Samus

Zero Suit Samus may not be as heavy-hitting as Cloud, but what she lacks in power she more than makes up for in mobility and versatility. Her quick aerial movements allow her to easily evade attacks while unleashing a flurry of lightning-fast strikes.

Additionally, her stunning gun paralyzer stuns opponents at long range, leaving them open for attack from both short and long distances. This gives Zero Suit Samus an edge over Cloud when it comes to keeping distance between herself and her opponent while still attacking effectively.

3. Mewtwo

Although Mewtwo has been considered a lower-tier character in previous games, his recent buffings have transformed him into one of the most formidable fighters on Smash Bros’ roster.

His smash attacks are incredibly powerful even without charge-up times or additional buffs such as Aura or Limit Breaks like other characters use; add on top of this fantastic maneuverability around stages thanks largely due its hover move which allows MewTwo surprising approaches that Cloud may not anticipate.

Mewtwo’s Confusion attack is also useful as it reflects incoming projectiles, including Cloud’s iconic limit charge which can be easily deflected back to make for a surprising finisher move with enough damage and knockback to take out even the toughest opponents.

4. Meta Knight

Meta Knight is lightning fast on his feet, able to dodge and counterattack with ease. His range isn’t quite as effective as Clouds against other longer-range heroes or attacks, however he makes up for this by having incredible versatility in playstyle and approach tactics in the air thanks largely due its fluttery flight capability.

In short – Meta Knight might have difficulty with kiting strategies or long range scoring techniques, but if you are looking for an alternative that encourages up-close-and-personal fighting styles then this character should be your go-to selection.

5. Pikachu

Pikachu has been featured in each title of Smash Bros starting from its first release on 1999 until present day reboots and remasters. He is very quick, has several viable attacks with mix ups including thunder jolts that chain together into combos – making him one of few players who can beat Cloud Strife because of their unpredictable nature.

His relatively small size makes dodging some of those harder-hitting smash moves much easier too while offering a smaller target for foes use against. Lastly, what better way to deal damage than combining his electric-based moves alongside his agility?

All things taken together, these five characters offer unique advantages and strengths when fighting against Cloud Strife in Smash Bros – each approach demanding different tactisitic awareness along different play styles altogether altogether.
Whether it be Bayonetta’s brutal combo chains or Mewtwo’s tricky Confusion Attack reflecting limit charges to take down high-damage targets like Cloud’s ultimate score-up-til-move side-B/down B setpieces; there’s no shortage of options up an Smash Bros player’s sleeve when going up against this iconic swordsman.

Breaking Down the Mechanics: How to Beat a Skilled Cloud Player

Cloud Strife is undoubtedly one of the most popular characters from Final Fantasy VII. This iconic character has been widely recognized as a fan favorite since his first appearance in the series, and in Super Smash Bros., he has become a formidable opponent. However, even against the toughest Cloud players, there are ways to beat them with ease.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that being aggressive is key when facing off against Cloud. Being too defensive can lead to you getting punished heavily by his powerful sword attacks. The best way to approach him would be using baiting tactics to get him into making an attack move then retaliate accordingly.

Another thing to keep in mind while fighting Cloud is paying attention and reacting quickly during his Limit Break. When he hits 100% damage percent and below they gain access to Limit Break moves which can inflict massive damage or KO opponents if performed correctly. Knowing how each move functions will give you an extra edge during gameplay.

Using projectiles, zoning tools and ranged attacks can also assist with beating skilled Cloud players. His playstyle revolves around grabbing opponents and punishing them heavily for mistakes made – so opening up space between the two players can give you more time to react and counterattack effectively.

When trying to defeat a skilled Cloud player make sure not be baited into attacking recklessly or using long animation moves that can be easily punished. Proper spacing along with custom tactics will allow you read-into devious strategies – such as air dodging them or performing mid-air jumps – work excellently for defending heavy downward strikes from overhead combo attacks.

Lastly but crucially learn how your own character’s strengths match up against cloud which takes some practice in training mode before getting into battles proper.There are various methods out there for beating skilled Cloud players, but remember consistency is kin when perfecting any technique.

To conclude fighting games require skillsets including spacial awareness, rapid thinking reaction speed but understanding your oppositions patterns from their game style and experience can change the tide of battle in your favor. With this knowledge, you too can take down even the most tenacious Cloud Strife player on the biggest stages of Super Smash Bros..

Mind Games and Strategies: Strategy to Defeat the Invincible Cloud Smash

Have you ever found yourself playing against an invincible cloud smash? That one move that seems to come out of nowhere and knock you off the stage every time? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many players have struggled with this move and have even lost matches because of it.

But fear not, there are strategies you can use to defeat the invincible cloud smash and reign victorious once again. The first step is to understand how the move works and what makes it so powerful.

The invincible cloud smash is a move where the cloud character jumps into the air and uses its down special move, which creates a large vortex around itself. This vortex hits multiple times and has incredibly high knockback power, making it very difficult to escape from.

To counter this move, one strategy is to distance yourself from the cloud player and stay on the outer edges of the stage. The vortex has limited range, so by staying away from the cloud player, they will have a harder time hitting you with it.

Another strategy is to shield or dodge when you see them jump into the air. This will give you enough time to react when they use their down special move and avoid getting hit by it.

Additionally, some characters have moves that can counter or absorb projectiles like Cloud’s vortex. For example, Villager’s pocket move can suck in Cloud’s attack and turn it against him for extra damage.

Finally, don’t forget about your own attacks! Use quick aerial moves like short hops or fast-fallers to position yourself above or below Cloud while avoiding their attacks. Aim for combos that involve juggling them with several quick aerial hits rather than going for heavy-hitting moves that leave you open for counter-attacks.

In conclusion, defeating an invincible cloud smash requires patience, timing, and strategic thinking. By using these techniques described above along with your own unique playstyle and tactics specific to your character of choice, any player can take down this formidable move and emerge victorious in the world of Super Smash Bros.

Mastering the Art of Counter-Picking Against Cloud in Competitive Play

As a skilled gamer, you know that counter-picking is an essential strategy to success in competitive play. Whether it’s picking the perfect hero or champion to knock down your opponent on a MOBA battlefield or selecting the right fighter for an intense one-on-one showdown, counter-picking can make all the difference.

Today, we’re focusing on countering one of the most popular and powerful characters in gaming culture: Cloud. This iconic swordsman from Final Fantasy VII has become a fixture of many fighting games and MOBAs, boasting incredible speed, range, and damage potential.

But with the right tactics and some intelligent choices, you can defeat Cloud with ease – even when he’s at his best. Here are some tips and tricks to help you master the art of counter-picking against Cloud.

Know Your Matchup

The first key element of successful counter-picking is knowing your matchup. Understanding how your chosen hero or fighter interacts with Cloud’s abilities is essential to building a strong game plan.

One big advantage you have when playing against cloud is his relatively slow speed compared to other swordsmen if timed correctly they can be more deliberate in their attacks opening up moments for yourself to land precise counters that deal high amount of critical hit percentage do some research before entering any match.

Additionally certain moves like Fire/Blizzaga Aura work well similarly since they have several particle effects could obstruct cloud judgment in battle sometimes giving oppurtunity to strike him nullifying his air jump escape as well.

Consider Counter-Pick Options

Once you’ve studied up on the matchup dynamics between your preferred character and Cloud, it’s time to start thinking about counter-picks. Who should you bring out when facing this powerful swordsman?

For starters,long-range specialists like Link (of Legend Of Zelda). While keeping him distracted throwing bombs arrows eventually getting an easy set-up for slammer AKA smash attack; Duck Hunt Dog (from duck hunt) since many of the moves are projectiles that can chip away at Cloud’s armor in addition to producing setups; and Chris (of Resident Evil) can also repel grenades or time bombs with their moves making this character an exceptional pick against Cloud.

Flexibility is Key

While having specific counter-picks in your arsenal is essential, it’s important to remain flexible and adaptable during a match. Sometimes, you’ll start out countering Cloud well only for him to shift into a different strategy or build defensively simply by delaying his movements thus changing the flow of battle.Which Requires being able quickly adapt mid-match.

If things aren’t going according to plan with your current fighter, consider switching things up with another one of our recommended picks. Keep calm and above all – don’t panic. With careful strategy and smart picks, you’ll have no problem taking down this iconic gaming hero when the opportunity presents itself.

In Conclusion

Mastering the art of counter-picking against Cloud requires preparation, flexibility, and quick thinking on your feet. Knowing how he works as well as predicting his next move/personal playstyle can make all the difference between him defeating you or sending him home packing.Most importantly though don’t get discouraged when it doesn’t work out sometimes gameplay relying on happenstance just know when next fight comes what to do differently in every situation winning matches & completing objectives . Let our tips help guide you towards victory over this legendary swordsman- Good luck!

Table with useful data:

Character Explanation
Bayonetta Bayonetta is a top tier character who can outmaneuver and outpace Cloud, and has better range to her attacks.
Pikachu Pikachu’s agility and quickness can make it difficult for Cloud to land hits, and Pikachu’s strong grab game can be used to punish Cloud’s slower attacks.
Sonic Sonic’s speed and mobility can make it difficult for Cloud to keep up, and Sonic can use his spin attacks to break through Cloud’s sword-based attacks.
Rosalina & Luma Rosalina & Luma’s ability to control space and create barriers can make it difficult for Cloud to approach, and they can also gimp Cloud’s recovery.
Meta Knight Meta Knight’s fast and disjointed attacks can outpace and outrange Cloud, and his ability to fly can give him an advantage while fighting Cloud.

Information from an expert

As a seasoned player and expert in the competitive Super Smash Bros. scene, I can confidently say that there is no one definitive answer to who beats Cloud in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. While some characters like Bayonetta, Pikachu, and Sheik have tools to deal with his range and aerial game, other characters may struggle against his power and sword mobility. Ultimately, it depends on the players’ skill level and understanding of their respective character’s strengths and weaknesses. To consistently beat Cloud requires a combination of knowledge, practice, and adaptability during gameplay.


The following walkthroughs will help you beat Cloud in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Bayonetta is a great character to use against Cloud. Her Witch Time ability can slow down Cloud’s attacks and give you time to counterattack. Her Witch Twist move can also be used to dodge Cloud’s attacks and get behind him. Her After Burner Kick can be used to get back on the stage if Cloud knocks you off.


Pikachu is a great character to use against Cloud. His Quick Attack can be used to dodge Cloud’s attacks and get behind him. His Thunder can be used to get back on the stage if Cloud knocks you off. His Skull Bash can be used to get back on the stage if Cloud knocks you off.


Sheik is a great character to use against Cloud. Her Chain can be used to grab Cloud and throw him off the stage. Her Bouncing Fish can be used to get back on the stage if Cloud knocks you off. Her Burst Grenade can be used to get back on the stage if Cloud knocks you off.


While there is no one definitive answer to who beats Cloud in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the above walkthroughs will help you beat him. Good luck!

Historical fact:

The professional Super Smash Bros. player, Mango, was one of the first players to consistently beat Cloud and other top-tier characters in competitive play during the game’s early years.

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